This is a dynastic generational RPG. Each generation you shall play as one or more descendants of your legacy. We shall be playing my own game system, which is a step son of GURPS that was originally the bastard child of Cthulhu illegitimately begot upon D&D. I have included the most recent revision of this rule system along with this e-mail.

The point of the Dynasty Campaign is as much a shared story/world creation as a simple RPG. You will create your Dynasty’s culture and traditions. You will also design what they would be like in their Golden Age. You will then take the role of different leaders of this culture through the generations. They shall lead their people against the struggles and hardships of the world. If you lead them well enough they may reach that envisioned golden age or even beyond. Before we begin I need to have a 30 min talk with each person about their nation’s culture and golden age aspirations so I can better design quests and scenarios to fit them.

The world shall present challenges enough, that simple survival shall be considered victory. The Gms will keep track of points for the Dynasties to compare to achieve the “ultimate victory”. Though perhaps others consider achieving the enlightenment of their golden age however fleeting to be far superior.

I will require players to make at least two character sheets(souls). These Souls can not normally be in play at the same time but must alternate generations. For those players who want to focus on the Strategy/Nation building side of this Campaign they need only use these two souls. This option is likely to create the strongest singular characters by the end of the Campaign.

Those players who enjoy making new characters may build entirely new souls every generation if they so chose. Such diversity is likely to lead to greater success in individual Role play situations and potentially a stronger Dynasty as a whole but weaker Characters near end game.

The strongest path is probably a combination of the two. Keep one of your original Souls regularly playing till the finale generation while rotating the other out with new creations and different ideas. (I am still playtesting my system, so certain bonuses are likely to be given to individuals who use their imagination to get me working outside of the box)
A player may chose to retire a Soul permanently. This dynastic ancestor will now act as a spirit guide granting bonuses to players and potentially to other members of the Dynasty based upon their skills.

In addition to the Character Points described in the base rules, this campaign will also be using Dynasty Points. They are similar to CP but are used on a grander scale. They can affect generations or be used to aid in a grand project. The Pyramids or Great Wall would be examples of National Projects a dynasty may spend their DPs on while the voyage of Christopher Columbus or the Journey of Marco Polo might be examples for Explorer or Merchant Dynasties.
Players will be required to keep a Dynasty Character sheet as well.

Players may hire NPC’s to aid them. Most Dynasties will likely have a large number of NPCs under their influence. Their actual skills shall always be decided by the GM (probably randomly generated within certain guidelines) You will never be able to directly control NPC actions. But you can give them orders or influence their motives. NPCs will never be awarded CP.

Players may choose to use Minor Dynastic Characters(Lesser Souls). These have several advantages. They can earn CP. They may (at the GM’s discretion) be controlled directly by the player. During Character creation you can spend CP from the primary Soul on the Lesser Souls if you desire. They should receive the same bonus from Spirit Guides. They should almost always remain loyal to the Player Character. They may be recycled in the same manner as other Souls.

There are restrictions placed upon these Minor Dynastic Characters. As the Campaign begins you may only have one active. You may earn more as the game progresses at the GM’s discretion. You may never have more than five Minor Dynastic Characters active at any given time.

A second player may chose to start in the same Dynasty as another character. The second character will play as a Minor Dynastic Character.

Players will start out with no knowledge or communication with other players. As they progress and discover more of the world they will find other nations/dynasties and may begin communication with them. These first contacts will be handled through RP emails or letters. It will only be after several such interactions and maybe even a generation or two that you discover whether that Dynasty is an NPC or a Player and if a player which one. After that point players may contact each other directly but should keep the GM abreast of their negotiations. Players may choose to adventure together when appropriate. It is possible for players to join their dynasties together.


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